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Pantelis restaurant exists on Marathi since 1978 and has become an oasis, a green note on the rocky Polynesia of the Arki islands.

In the restaurant… a garden with beautiful thick-shaded trees and colorful flowers, scents of jasmine and basil, all intriguer you into a feast of tastes which go on all day. Wooden tables laid out on different levels under the trees and right by the sea, welcome you to try out the traditional cuisine of Katina. The day begins with a healthy breakfast with our homemade dark bread, the homemade jams, freshly prepared fruit salad with yoghurt and honey e.t.c.

As day goes on, the different meze starters, octopus with caper leaves, marinated anchovies, octopus croquettes, zucchini croquettes, tend to mix themselves up with the fresh salads and the local goat cheese. Now as for our traditional dishes mousaka in a pot, baked vegetables, local goat stew, fresh fish on the grill, fish soup, pasta with lobster, are only a hint of  what Katina has prepared for you.

The meal ends with our homemade desserts apple crumble, baklava, and a wide variety of jams (bergamot, quince, fig…) with a scoup of Greek yoghurt.
The fine cuisine, the musical background combined with the hospitality and service of the children of the founders Manolis and Toula ensure you to a pleasant stay.